Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The NEW/OLD Truck

After the freak hail storm during 77 degree weather, the insurance company totaled my car. I spent a week (cause that's how long I had the rental car) stressing, trying to find a car and keep up with the massive amounts of homework I have to do.


Here is the end result. I am now the owner of a 1990 Ford Ranger. People think I'm nuts because it has no Air Conditioning. But the price was right and it only has 97K miles on it. I figure we only really have like 2 months of summer around here anyway. It'll do and I'll manage until I finish school and can sell or trade it in for something newer._image0043

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Shattered Car Window


I went to get my cousin whose car SDC10620wouldn't start earlier

this afternoon. Followed her to the mechanics and waited until she was taken care of and started following her back to her place to make sure she didn't have anymore problems. While we were on the freeway headed to her place (she and the baby in her car and me following) It started to rain heavily and to hail.


OF course there wasn't anywhere to stop and we were about 10/15 min from her place so we had to keep going. The hail increased in size until it was about half the size of a baseball. It was so big and there was so much of it that it shattered the back window on my car. Here's what I saw afterwards when I could turn and get a good look.SDC10621


Glass was Everywhere




Notice the library book on the seat that got ruined.


And of course the floor boards were full of water.

SDC10625 SDC10626

This is all of the glass that we managed to get off of the seats and floor so that I could go at it with a shop-vac. It's nuts I tell ya!

SDC10627 SDC10628