Monday, May 04, 2009



I know its been awhile but I'm back. I've been mad busy with all the stuff for classes. There is definitely a reason that full time for grad school is 9 credit hours. (technically 8 but who takes 8 hrs. all the classes are worth 3hrs. Hello!) But I finished the semester last week,. now I'm just waiting to start the summer session.

I'm also moving this weekend. found an apartment. The only problem is that I was told that there's some stuff to do b4 I move in like get the utilities turned on, but they mailed the info out to me last week when I was approved and I haven't received the info yet. You'd think, right, that someone would have held the letter at the office for me what with move in being such a short time in the future,but no. Why would anyone be logical about anything.





Oh and I've decided that birthdays are just there so you can realize how many people could care less about you. Maybe I'll just disown my B-day and tell people I don't have one when they ask.

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