Friday, March 13, 2009

I'M DIGGIN' IT... "The Frames"

In the interest of trying something new, I'm going to start posting about things I like periodically. Obviously, each post is going to be titled "I"M DIGGIN IT..." with whatever it is I'm currently diggin' on at the moment.

"THE FRAMES" are my current music pick of the moment and let me say, I am definitely diggin' them.

They're an Irish Rock Band primarily based out of Dublin (I've always wanted to go to Ireland and I just keep finding new and better reasons :D )

Current members of the band are (according to that great source known worldwide as Wikipedia)


Glen Hansard (the guy in the middle of the pic)  was one of the leads in the movie musical "Once". I recommend it to anyone who likes movies that actually need some intelligence to understand and love musicals.

Once on IMDB 70059661

Since it is the information age there is lots of readily accessible info out there about the group. (See there Wikipedia Entry or their Official Website). In case you haven't heard their music or seen here's a YouTube video of my my current favorite song of theirs.


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