Thursday, November 27, 2008

My New Website and Graduate School

The New Site
I'm writing a website. Not so much because I want to, but more because of necessity. I'm trying to get a waiver for a class that I took back when I did my undregraduate degree. Unfortunately, the website I used to have was shut down ages ago because I didn't have time to keep it updated. I'm not sure yet where I'll choose to host the site. Probably some place like Yahoo that has free hosting.

In the meantime, I'm spending my Thanksgiving holiday writing in HTML. I'll probably try to keep it simple since I was never a big fan of those super complicated sites that have so much information they give you a headache. I never was one of those people to go in for all the code generating software you could use to make your site, so, like back in the day, I will be writing everything out in Notepad. I have to say, that so far, this was so much more fun back when I was still down at IU in Bloomington. I remember writing out webpages on paper in other classes when I was bored in order to stay awake. Now, It's just something I have to do. Maybe I'll keep this website after I make it. I might actually have more time while I'm going back to school.

Well regardless, I will post a link to the site once it's officially set up.

Graduate School
I'm all registered for classes now. I'm set to take reference, cataloging and collection development classes. I only have to get my hoiusing set up now. but so far so good.

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