Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Human Slinky

So Betty downtown sent me the link to this video and it's great! Its the human slinky from a half-time show a one of Creighton University's basketball games in Omaha Nebraska. It had to be re posted cause it's freakin awesome!

http://view.break.com/457715 - Watch more free videos

Monday, September 15, 2008

Too Much TV

So My Mother told me today that I watch too much tv. I said that at least I'm not out runnin' the streets. She pretty much looked me in the eyes and said the equivalent of "I need Grandkids. Stop watchin' tv and go run the streets." So there you have it folks. Instead of chillin' at home and watchin tv, instead of spending time at Sarah Jane's Yarn Shoppe knitting preemie hats for the babies at the hopital, I am supposed to go run the streets and sleep around so my mother can be a grandma....and we wonder why I'm different