Monday, August 18, 2008

The travels of Edson Bear

I'm participating in a teddy bear swap. There are ten people located in different states and we each send a bear until it makes it's way around the circle and back to us. My bear is named Edson Bear and this is him. He is, of course a librarian and loves to read. He received his MLS (masters in Library Science from the IU Bearville campus. Like me, he floats around to the various branches of the Allen County Public Library organizing carts, shelving books, checking in returned materials and being generally helpful. Though he does have to stretch sometimes. (those books can get mighty heavy when they're twice your size)

Of course, he came to the Knit In at Sarah Jane's Yarn Shoppe before he left and unfortunately had a little too much fun before he left. We all tried to stop him. Told them that wasn't the way to start a trip, but he wouldn't listen. hopefully he's doing much better on his trip. Currently he's in Illinois. I'll post some updates about his travels soon.

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