Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Knit In, GRE tests, Giant Zucchini's and Chalk Walk..OH MY!!!!

The July Friday night Knit In at Sarah Jane's Yarn Shoppe was awesome! Even though I was only able to stay until midnight.

I had to leave early because on Saturday Morning at freakin 8am I was scheduled to take the GRE .(That's the Graduate Record Examination that I had to take to get into grad school.) The goal was to get at least a 500 on the quantitative reasoning and on the verbal sections. I ended up with a 540 Quantitative and 610 verbal. Now I'm just waiting for them to mail me my official scores so I can find out how I did on the essay part of the test. I need at least a 4.5 average between the two essays I had to write.

After I left the test I went to lunch at the Dash In downtown. Apparently, once a year, a polish woman comes in during the Three Rivers Festival and they have an entire polish menu for the day. It was great!

The Fort Wayne Museum of Art Chalk Walk was also Saturday and Sunday. So all in all it was a super long week!

I took some pictures of course, at least until the batteries in my camera died. here they are. The first one is the 8ft X 8ft square that I did. The theme is a little obvious. :P

The second pic is the one my best friend did ( I feel like I'm a bit old to be calling her my bff. gotta come up with something better.)

The rest are pics done by people I know or just thought were super cool....lol. I jsut said super cool ;)
It hasn't been posted yet, but someone told me that the last pic was awarded 1st place.

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dstnespnr said...

Your pics came out better than mine. I'm going to plan something next year and find the sunshade 3 days earlier!