Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I'm having the BESTEST day!!!

OK, so I woke up this morning in a super awesome mood. I visited Mom and Grandma and ran a few errands without any problems. I haven't heard a single bad song on the radio all day. I even heard some of my favorite songs today that I haven't heard in years! (Remember that song by New Found Glory (i think) I believe the title is "Fight for your honor". I just love that song, and it was played to. I haven't heard it in forever.

Add in a great hair day, a cute outfit, and awesome shoes and you have to wonder does the day really get better? I have to tell you that YES the day does indeed get better. I stopped in at Sarah Jane's Yarn Shoppe to show Linda, one of the owners, my first sock (that's right people "I'M KNITTING SOCKS!!!" And who do you think is in the store? Debbie Macomber, the author of many books, including the Blossom street series and whose newest book "Twenty Wishes" is wonderful was IN THE STORE! I talked to her, she admired my knitting and said how beautiful it was. How much better can a day get! I don't know myself, but maybe when I take my dinner break tonight, I better go buy a couple of lottery tickets just to be on the safe side :D


KimT said...

oh my!!!! I love debbie Maccomber! i have read all the the blossom street books and many many others! lucky you! Girl, i hope you bought the lotto tickets!

lightheartedlibrarian said...

that is awesome!