Tuesday, May 27, 2008

10 things to do now that I'm 30!

Well, I've finally reached the big 3-0 so I decided to make a list of things that I should do now.

Here goes...

1. Start carrying some cash. It was brought to my attention that people under 30 rarely carry cash. So now I have to carry some. (Cash that is)

2. Apparently I should read more nonfiction. (Probably won’t, but I’ll put it on the list anyway)

3. Buy a house and start doing yard work (As If)

4. Take up knitting (oh wait, I already did that)

5. Stop making fun of people

6. Hang out in bars instead of clubs and drink more adult type beverages.

7. Wear longer skirts and looser shirts (in other words, dress like my grandma)

8. Stock up on anti-wrinkle cream.

9. Watch more documentaries about the weather channel.

10. Delete my account on and truly embrace the joy that is

1 comment:

TaWonia said...

Hey now...I just turned 30 also (May 27th) and I wasn't told to make any list. Did I miss that MEMO? I hope your birhday was a blast. I wish you many more.