Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Knit It Down Hoodie

I found this pattern in a recent issue ofCreative Knitting Maagazine. The pattern is called "Knit it down" It wasn't actually a hoodie, but I didn't like the collar that was on it. And so it becane a hoodie. It was my first "top down" anything. I liked the way it worked up. Anyway, here it is. I was working on it as part of the Ebony Elite KCAL. Not including the needles I had to purchase, it really only cost me about $15 and a whole lot of time to make. Here it is.

One of the sleeves is rolled up here. It's not actually shorter than the other one :D


NikkiJ said...

Looks good. Have you been knitting long? I ask that because you introduce yourself as a hooker, like me. It's just as addicting, huh?

Sheila said...

The Hoodie looks great and in my favorite color.

Virtuous said...

AAh I saw you post about it on Ravelry!

Fantastic job and you finished in time too!

Thanks for joining in on the KCAL!!

Kirsten said...

I've only been knitting since last year, but I've been crocheting for about 3 or 4 yrs

Cas... said...

Nice job! You should be very proud of yourself!