Thursday, March 27, 2008

Elusive Male Knitter Spotted at Borders

Spotted in a Fort Wayne, Indiana Borders Bookstore!!!

Yes! It's true!!! That elusive creature has finally been spotted out in public. Men really do knit!!! I've been telling people this for ages, but no one ever believes me. Now there is proof out there. (and I'm even in the picture so no one can say it's "digitally enhanced knitting" ;-D) Men in the year 2008 actually knit. There's other proof out there such as websites like "Men Who Knit" and who also has a nice history of knitting posted, complete with pictures. Now I won't go into the history of men knitting, but only because I only get an hour for lunch and eating during lunch is always a good thing. There are however plenty of great resources online for and about male knitters. Ravelry has several men's knitting groups as well. If you're a member you should check them out, they have some great projects on them. Gotta go for now. I leave you with the thought, Try something new fellas, you never know what and who you might meet when you do. :D See ya


____ said...

I know him!

____ said...

oops, that post was from Carly S. :

Anonymous said...

LOL--you're fun to read. (Still chuckling) Knitty Gritty has featured men knitting too, a couple times that I've seen. "Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus, and he KNITS!"