Friday, December 21, 2007

Too much of a librarian???

Is it possible? You tell me? I decided to rearrange furniture about a week ago. As we all know, when moving bookshelves, you have to take all the books off. So I decided that if I was gonna take all the books off the shelves, I would at least organize them so they could be found. Then I decided to make a sort of informal catalog so that I would know exactly what I own and not purchase multiple copies of the same book. Then it went on to putting the first letter of the authors last name on the spine so that I could easily keep them in order in the future. Now, I haven't cataloged the hardback books yet, but here's pictures of my shelves, keep in mind, I've been so distracted all week by the books that the rest of the room has been neglected and random things that formerly resided on the shelves are currently strewn all over the floor. So my plan of turning happy meal toys into Christmas ornaments has been postponed until I clean up my living room thoroughly. lol. anyway, here's some pics. Maybe, when I finish (cleaning that is), I'll post my list of books too.

So, back to my first question...
Too Much of a Librarian? You tell me :)


Liberry 2 said...

Just enough librarian, IMO.

KimT said...

great job! not too much, just right!