Sunday, December 09, 2007

After Thansgiving Madness!!!

OK, so most people know that I, along with the other ladies in my family shop after Thanksgiving. Not just regular shopping, but standing outside of the store at 4:30am type shopping. This year I was actually slightly injured. At the first store I went to (the one me and the fam met up at) a woman rammed her shopping cart into the back of my ankle, right where the Achilles tendon is. It hurt like _____ for days. I'm all better now though and I got all the good stuff I wanted at great prices and had fun with the fam too. Gotta love traditions. Every year, everyone comes to Fort Wayne for Thanksgiving and the girls go shopping on the day after while the guys stay home and watch football. The only drawback this year was that my grandma wasn't able to go. She just didn't feel up to it. Fortunately both she and my other grandma are now at there respective homes and not in the hospital anymore.

The pic with multiple people is my aunt, my cousins and then me (my mom hadn't shown up yet) and the other one is me and mom!

OK, the ladies in the green aren't related, but we saw them in Menards. There were actually about 5 of them and they were all wearing matching sweaters and shoes for their shopping trip. We decided collectively that if we ever get that serious about our shopping that an intervention will need to be done ;)

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