Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Windows Live Messenger

I opened Messenger up today, and of course none of the people I normally talk to are online. They never are when I am. What's the point in Messenger if the people you're gonna talk to are never on? I just don't know. Anyway the id for Lynn at ACPL pops up and I say "Hi Lynn" but it's not Lynn! It's Sara! Whom I like anyway, so...Not a disappointment at all! And then my friend in Brazil logged on and I got to say hello! YAYYYY!!!

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Lynn said...

Yeah, that's a pain. You actually prompted me to change the display names in all our Ask a Librarian accounts so that instead of showing my name (just because I signed up for all of them) they say "Ask" or "AskACPL." Hopefully you won't be misled again!