Thursday, October 11, 2007

Strangest Kid Song Ever

OK, so I'm doing storytime tomorrow. And I'm going with the Oh so easy theme of the letter "M". I'm reading books like If you give a Moose a Muffin, Madeline and my all time favorite The Monster at the end of this book.
Well, I was told I should do a song. While looking up "M" songs on the internet, I come across this song called Mary Ann McCartney which is sung to the tune of the Battle hymn of the Republic. Not so bad right? Well then I read the lyrics. First I start laughing, then I show it to Ladonna and she starts laughing. I mean, The song says that little Mary Ann goes looking for clams but doesn't find any. It talks about her search for these clams and her continued lack of success, which,maybe, just might be cause by the chorus of the song which repeats the phrase "All she got was Influenza" . Now, color me wrong here, but who in their right mind would sing something like that to their own child, better yet someone else's kid?

So far we've been laughing about this song since about 3pm. We'll just be sitting here and one of us will break into the chorus and crack the other one up.

If anyone want to read the lyrics to the actual song it's located here on the KIDiddles website and do be sure to click on the button to play the music while you read the lyrics so you can get the full effect! I couldn't repost the lyrics because of copyright infringement. But do take a look and a listen. God I love my job!

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