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Piers Anthony

Piers Anthony writes both science fiction and fantasy. For those of you who didn’t know, “Yes, there is a difference between the two although they do sometimes overlap.” Some of his books are completely serious and some are just plain silly which is why I love his books. I haven’t read all of his series (here’s where my brother would cough and say “yet”)but the ones that I have read are here and also a list of the series I haven’t read.

The Xanth series is my absolute favorite out of all of his series. It appeals to the punster in me. I love the fact that he takes puns that his fans have sent him and tries to include them in the stories. Many of the titles are also puns. They all take place in the magical world of Xanth where magic is real everyone has magic talents and anything can happen.

A Spell for Chameleon
The Source of Magic
Castle Roogna
Centaur Aisle
Ogre, Ogre
Night Mare
Dragon on a Pedestal
Crewel Lye
Golem in the Gears
Vale of the Vole
Heaven Cent
Man from Mundania
Isle of View
Question Quest
The Color of Her Panties
Demons Don't Dream
Harpy Thyme
Geis of the Gargoyle
Roc and a Hard Place
Yon Ill Wind
Faun & Games
Zombie Lover
Xone of Contention
The Dastard
Swell Foop
Up In A Heaval
Cube Route
Currant Events
Pet Peeve
Stork Naked
Air Apparent (to be published sometime in 2007)

The Apprentice Adept series takes place on the worlds of PHAZE and PROTON. The two worlds occupy the same planets but in different dimensions and center around the character of a serf named Stile who stumbles on the dimensional barrier between the two. What happens when the serf from the technological dimension of PROTON enters the magical world of PHAZE? I guess you’ll just have to read and find out.

1. Split Infinity
2. Blue Adept
3. Juxtaposition
4. Out of Phaze
5. Robot Adept
6. Unicorn Point
7. Phaze Doubt

Now the Incarnations of Immortality is where Piers Anthony gets a bit trickier. What would it be like if the incarnations of Death, Time, Fate, War, Nature, Evil and Good were not just abstract ideas created to explain life but “offices” that could be held and passed on, each changing hands in a different manner. Take those “offices and set them in a reality that has developed the same as ours except for the “minor” facts that both modern technology and magic coexist. Imagine the possibilities. Good is synonymous with GOD, so never changes. He gets around this by using Night as one of the incarnations of immortality.

1. On a Pale Horse (Death)
2. Bearing an Hourglass (Time)
3. With a Tangled Skein (Fate)
4. Wielding a Red Sword (War)
5. Being a Green Mother (Nature)
6. For Love of Evil (Evil)
7. ...And Eternity (

The Mode series takes you in an altogether different direction. Like his other series it blends magic and technology. The main character is a teenage girl from earth named Colene. I won’t give away the plot, but she travels through many realities and universes, all connected by the virtual mode. These books touch on many serious topics interpreted in a way that you may not even realize such as personal honor, intelligent animal life, space travel, paradox gender roles and much more.

1. Virtual Mode
2. Fractal Mode
3. Chaos Mode
4. DoOon Mode

Kelvin of Rud series (written with Robert E. Margroff) What can I say. Kelvin, a prophecy and magic and alot of trying to save the world of course.

1. Dragon's Gold
2. Serpent's Silver
3. Chimaera's Copper
4. Orc's Opal
5. Mouvar's Magic

The series above are the only ones I have read. Here is a list of the series I haven’t read. The numbers beside each series title indiacate how many books are in the series as far as I know.
Aton (2)
Battle Circle (3)
Bio of a Space Tyrant (6)
ChroMagic (4)
Cluster (5)
Geodyssey (5)
Of Man and Manta (3)
Tarot (3)
Jason Striker series (written with Roberto Fuentes) (6)

There are also plenty of books not in a series. He has collaborated on several books with other authors as well. I would list them all but all of the short story collections, single books collaborations and autobiographical titles would take up too much space so once again I’ll stick with the titles I’ve read.

If I Pay Thee Not in Gold w/ Mercedes Lackey
The Gutbucket Quest
Dream a Little Dream w/ Julie Brady

If you want more titles or information about him his official website is at .

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